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A narrative tells a story or gives information reported as fact, but not all stories pass as fact. This blood cleanup narrative gives facts and at times moves into the realm of storytelling to point out facts. In any case, it is my intention to give facts and to tell stories related to my own blood cleanup experiences. I also use historical events which are actual and report facts from text dealing with blood in blood cleanup throughout history.

Blood's Long History

It may seem odd, but blood has a long history and a lot of storytelling behind it. In fact, not until 1880s to the 19th century did humanity find its way to a scientific explanation for illnesses and diseases. Bloodborne pathogens became known thanks to scientific methods applied to diseases and use of the microscope to study blood. As the microscope and scientific methods dislodged folklore, magic, and make-believe stories, explanations for medical science soon took hold and brought the world blood transfusion, saving millions of lives.

The use of blood in war and for civilian purposes came to fruition after much experimentation and debate. For example by 1935 a German physician practicing medicine in Niederlungwitz East in Germany gave a transfusion directly from his own veins into the veins of the patient. Unfortunately for xyz, the Nazis had rules against "defiling the German blood," which lead to 6 months in prision camp for xyz. You see, xyz was Jewish and the German Nazis had a weird belief about blood. They believed that blood carries "race."

We konw todays, thanks to science, that blood does not have anything to do with inheriting anything like races. We inherit our parents reproductive genes by way of their genes, their DNA and RNA.

It was unfortunate that he Nazis preferred a myth to reality. This myth cost many Germans, and many German soldiers, their lives. It was not until after the second world war that Germany overcame its blood mythology abou blood cleanup, cleaning up blood in the human body. Then blood transfusion became acceptable in hospitals.

Racism played a role in blood transfusion in the United States military as well. For some military people questioned the use of "negro" blood for transfusions. They lost out as the military chose to look at human blood in more scientific terms that racist mythologies.

Blood's Transfusion

One reason this blood transfusion work s throughout the world this type of drama was carried out in narratives of importance soon arose because doctors and medical science asked questions about blood types and how to more practically use human blood in its various types. It turned out that the successful transfusion ensuring a blood became an ethnic and racist issue. Turns out that the good doctor Serelman Jewish background offended the German patient. He objected to receiving a blood transfusion with Jewish blood. For this good German, Jewish blood represented a less than's not desirable type of blood. As a result of this transfusion the doctor was sent to prison for six months in charge with filing the blood of the German race.

Existence Precedes Consciousness

It seems ironic that science progressed in to the present aiding humanities many struggles against physical diseases, and meanwhile humanity's consciousness continued to embrace backward myths and superstitions. It's a profound fact that human existence proceeds human consciousness and many times existence proceeds consciousness to the detriment of humanity. We find this more so in cases of nuclear weapons development and other inappropriate technologies. But in the case of medical science and medicine, we would think that humanity's existence and need for scientific explanations and practices would overcome human backwardness, its propensity to embrace the pass-throughs backward consciousness.

This is not to say that all human consciousness in matters of blood in science are backwards or mythical or magical. But it is to point out the facts that in terms of racism and bigotry we find a history of blood becoming a linchpin between humanity and its false consciousness.

Ironically, because of this false consciousness the German nation would become slow to blood transfusion even during the second world when it needed blood transfusion so much, it would not make a full transition to blood transfusion and bloods many benefits until the end of the second world war. Meanwhile, the United States moved forward as quickly as possible with blood transfusion by the scientific approach to using human blood. Not only did blood become a lifesaving substance but it also became a commodity that helped to create a worldwide market in which blood costs more than gold.

Blood and Race Mythology

Meanwhile, the Germans paid heavily for blood cleanup in so many battles that they either won or lost. In Russia the Germans lost many soldiers to extreme bodily trauma as well as frostbite. Blood transfusions would help well as the field of combat was littered with the need of massive blood cleanup services. And yet, the German mythology continued its racial superiority mythology. It is ironic indeed that many historians and occasional observers of German history would note how Germany actually had a opportunity to win the second world war if not come to a peaceful negotiation, but for Adolf Hitler and it's Nazi racist blood ideology. So the Germans lost the war because of their insane Adolf Hitler's leadership, mostly, and backward ideological belief systems.

Where Germany had superior science technology on behalf of the war effort, it chose mythology to indoctrinate its citizens with make believe blood theories of race. In the end, the world would witness one of the largest blood cleanup task in human history throughout German cities as the war came crumbling to a bloody close.

Now compare this to the Americans use human blood for transfusion to wounded soldiers at every possibility. On Iwo Jima, 23 doctors and 827 corpsman (the equivalent of an Army medic), lost their lives trying to give aid to wounded Marines. In some cases these corpsman were killed while trying to hold blood plasma bottles above wounded Marines and as a result they were targeted by rifle fire, mortar fire, and even artillery. In fact, Iwo Jima was the battle that brought whole blood products to the battlefield for the Marine Corps. The Germans did not use whole blood products or transfusions.

The big life-saving difference the German Army and United State Marine Corp arises with the Marine Corp's use of whole blood to treat its wonded warriors. We find then that the Geremans soldiers, like the German population in whole, paid a dear price for their race superiority mythology. So it turns out that racism caused many Germans to go to their graves way too early. This becomes the cost of the mythology of blood cleanup, early death.





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I've added a blood cleanup page to help those families in need of blood cleanup in their home. It's come to my attention that some blood cleanup companies abuse their business contacts to manipulate families of homicide, suicide, unattended death victims. The case is that there is no law stopping a family from cleaning up blood in their own home. Although some blood cleanup company employees will claim otherwise. They will say that "you have to use professional blood cleanup practitioner's" and this is wrong. What country would not allow its citizens to do cleaning in their own home for traumatic blood loss from loved ones?