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Crime Scene Cleanup Jobs




Eddie Evans, AA, BA, MS

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"There is that prized "crime scene cleanup certification" education and training required for the Crime Scene cleanup technician." Eddie Evans

Crime scene cleanup technicians are also known as biohazard cleanup technicians. The reason for this exchange in meaning for these two phrases follows from the general nature of a biohazard cleanup technician's work, and a crime scene cleanup technician's more narrow field of blood cleanup work. In fact, the two are the same, synonymous. They simply reflect cultural confusion.

Crime Scene Cleaners and Biohazard Cleaners

Whereas the crime scene cleanup technician is a discrete career field, cleaners clean after crimes like homicides, suicides, and unattended deaths, biohazard cleanup technicians do the same; we might believe, as well as other types of infectious cleanup work involve both titles.

So for our purposes, we use the crime scene cleanup technician phrase for learning more about this career field. Since the term crime scene has much narrower usage than the broader biohazard scene, we'll remain on homicide, suicide, and unattended death cleanup, primarily, but not exclusively. So biohazard cleanup technicians would receive a wider variety of work than a crime scene cleanup technician, in any case.

So who comes into the field of Crime Scene cleanup technician?

We have people entering the crime scene cleanup field for two reasons, mostly. To employee others and to find employment accounts for the majority. As employers they seek high income from others' labor. In essence, they seek to exploit someone else's labor cleaning up blood and gore following homicides, suicides, unattended deaths, and all types of traumatic blood loss scenes.

Note how an unattended death cleanup would not qualify as a strictly crime scene cleanup task, literally speaking. It easily falls within the domain of a biohazard cleanup, though, because of the infectious nature of the work.

Overall, we have people coming into the crime scene cleanup job field who are simply looking for a job to make ends meet. These people are led to the crime scene cleanup field by ridiculous advertisements claiming that crime scene cleanup technicians make $100 an hour. Of course this is foolish because no crime scene cleanup practitioner makes $100 an hour, with several exceptions. Most often employees can expect to make anywhere from $10 an hour to $15 an hour. In some cases they make as much is $20 an hour. Then, on special assignments, they may receive a bonus.

For those poor souls forever doomed to the life of a crime scene cleanup technician, aspirations of becoming a supervisor remain one out from the filthy grunt labor involved in crime scene cleanup work. Then there's another avenue that might be followed in the crime scene cleanup technician field.

Con Artist

There's an opportunity to become a con artist; simply by convincing families to pay bandit prices do employees make a lot of money. Said employees become manipulators of their language by conning homeowners insurance adjusters. Otherwise they con families. There's no place for truth in this business, afterall.

And also false, the number of required man-hours to clean the scene. In this way the owner of the crime scene cleanup company becomes wealthier and the manipulating employees increases their income. So we might say that there are ways to move forward in this otherwise horrific occupation. We would not want to wish it upon our children.


Considering the propaganda used by crime scene cleanup schools, we can understand why so many young people and even older people seek out a promising occupation to add to their lifelong career path. But this type of addition to a career path leads to unexpected outcomes.

It's a Janitorial Job

We should keep in mind that the crime scene technician works with blood and gore following homicides, suicides, unattended deaths and traumatic blood loss events. Although to the younger and more naïve aspirants to this type of work, there's nothing to brag about because in the end; crime scene cleanup work is basically glamorized janitorial work. So just as any janitorial worker becomes a pawn of a janitorial business owner, so too does the crime scene cleanup technician become a pawn of the crime scene cleanup company owner.

Keep in mind that the crime scene technician works in more than the narrow path of the so-called "crime scene cleanup technician." The truth is both or one in the same except to the general public. In whichever field one cares to call their home, it comes down to the same thing: homicide, suicide, unattended death, traumatic blood loss, and even feces cleanup as well as hoarding in any other type of this tasteful work a company owner might find available; their goal, to exploit other's labor and families misfortunes.

We know that company owners to other employees their work isn't all that dangerous after all. We know that company owners also tell families and insurance companies that the work is very dangerous in the employees must receive high wages. In fact, I have been told by company owners that the pride themselves by only paying their employees $10 an hour. Then we have some company owners who pays much as 20 and $25 an hour in some cases. Then we have those employees that do the lying and cheating for their employers and they probably make for our incomes from time to time. For their lot, they behave as used-car salesman by selling janitorial services. Is that what you want for your children's future by any chance?







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Families have lost a loved one in many cases. They have a lot of traumatic feelings to cope with. It's an emotional time for them and they have heavy economic issues as well. Some people don't have enough money to hire a crime scene cleanup companies services. In their case, they must do the cleaning themselves unless they can find a friend or neighbor willing to take on this horrific task.

Although as a species we have cleaned up after homicide, suicide, and unattended deaths without serious injuries to ourselves, this janitorial field has created a smokescreen to con the public. They have used the threat of impending doom for anyone that chooses to clean after homicides, suicides, and unattended deaths. There are special "protocols" that must be followed. There is that prized "crime scene cleanup certification" education and training required for the crime scene cleanup technician. (return)


Families have no idea what to do following their horrific incident and their ignorance is played upon. They don't know if the coroner's employees will clean up after this horrific death or other government workers will come to help them. They learn the hard cold truth. They must clean up the mess unless someone else offers to do it, and no one else offers to clean up after a traumatic death or unattended death. At least, no one offers to clean up such a scene in the city without being be paid a great deal. As a result, coroners' employees are well-positioned to screw families and they do so nationwide.



A federal law is in place to prohibit corporations from cossing state lines while involved in fraud and other crimes. It is known as the "Rico Act." A number of crime scene cleanup companies are in violation of the RICO act because they conspire to commit fraud across acrosss state lines. In their quest to rip off families and insurance companies, they commit fraud against both families and insurance companies by telling lies.

So it turns out that not only has a crime been committed by an a group or individuals to initiate the crime scene cleanup, at times crime scene cleanup itself becomes a crime when involving fraud, lies.

Not All

We must keep in mind that not all crime scene cleanup companies conspire to commit crimes. We must remember to use this term, all, with great care. We simply should not claim that all crime scene cleanup companies conspire to commit crimes against crimes across state lines. I, we, would be wrong if not dogmatic to make such a claim.

It would be wrong for logical reasons because it's so much easier for other companies to do business within state lines. And then for other reasons, not all companies have enough influence over coroners' employees throughout the country to perform such fraud.

What's Happening?

These offensive, organic materials contaminate mattresses, beddings, pillows, furniture, floors, walls, ceilings, clothing, toilets, bathtubs, mirrors, toilet articles, kitchen utilities as well as different types of floors.

Even unexpected places become part of the crime scene cleanup. Barns or storage sheds, for example. Deaths occur just about any place that human beings may go to work or play. Wherever human beings do their work or play, blood and treasure is lost in the most horrific manner at times. But not anyone will clean up after a violent death scene or unattended death. It takes a lot of money to entice the uninitiated to clean up after such deaths. That's how the market for crime scene cleanup practitioners continues to exist and even grows. But, it doesn't cost anything like it does when county government employees and the corrupt bosses have their way.


And not anyone is willing the cleanup this sort of horrific scene. For the uninitiated, there's the risk of becoming nauseous and queasy because of the site and odors involved with the death cleanup. Even for the initiated there is a risk of needlestick, just as nurses and doctors and healthcare workers are at risk of needlestick. But because the cleaner has few exposures to needles, hypodermic needles; still, for cleaners there is less risk of needlestick and therefore exposed to blood-borne pathogens less often than medical workers. The risk from bloody bed springs during the reduction of blood from an unattended death raises some issues, for example.


Infectious Not Biohazardous

Still, in the case of an unattended death cleanup, the blood and other potentially infectious materials (OPIM) have been in place for too long to service habitat for blood-borne pathogens, at times. Just the same, we must error on the side of safety. We must assume that anything involved in an unattended death scene that's soiled by human blood and OPIM is biohazardous. Therefore, as a side note, it's best to try to decontaminate a death scene even before work begins. A fogger can help in this regard.


A sensitive cleaner will take note of a family's emotional state and honor their wishes. The cleaner will work quietly and methodically while respecting the property of the decedent as well as those materials meant to be discarded. The cleaner will act like a morturary attendant if not sure of what's expected. We must remember that a family member suffers internally in ways we cannot experience at the moment.

So the younger cleaners will not have the many emotional experiences related to death as will older cleaners, generally speaking. But we do not want to stereotype people in any case. Whether cleaners or family members, we must remember that both deal with death in the situation and will have their own sensibilities involved. For the newly hired employees there may be a feeling of giddiness because of the strangeness of the situation. In fact, how should one behave in the face of death? This is an age old question. In the end, a businesslike demeanor will suffice.

A caring attitude will help. A thorough cleanup will help. An honest price will help. But unfortunately the technician has no control over price in many cases. And when they do have control over price, they must inflate their invoice. If they do not inflate their invoice they will not remain employed long; for the crime scene cleanup company owner demands an inflated invoice to make ends meet and pay for all those toys and gadgets they've added to the lifestyle.

We find the origins of crime scene cleanup arising most spectacularly with the emergence of concerns over blood-borne pathogens related to human immunodeficiency (HIV) and hepatitis C. But it was HIV the cot the headlines because of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS). AIDS became a headliner soon after President Reagan decided that he in the United States government would allow our population to believe that AIDS was a transmittable disease among heterosexuals.

You see, United States population was kept in the dark by our government and press for up to two years because of the belief that was a "homosexual disease." As a result the powerful in Washington DC decided that homosexuals should suffer for their sins. Of course, the government propagandists were in league with the church propagandists as today we find in climate denial. So it's kind a like we had flat earth believers telling us that HIV, AIDS, would not harm those of us free from the sin of sodomy, homosexuality.

In the end, reason prevailed and we had legislation to protect medical workers from needlestick. This special legislation by the United States Congress made its way to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). From OSHA rules and regulations, protocols, were required of any employers of workers exposed to human blood or products of human blood. So blood-borne pathogen training become a requirement. As a result, so-called "crime scene cleanup schools" were said to offer crime scene cleanup certification.

To meet the requirements of an OSHA protocol sometimes required the use of gloves, eye protection, nose and mouth protection, and in extreme cases, full body protection. We would call these personnel protective equipment, PPE. The idea here is much similar to that found in the military mission oriented protected posture suit, also known as the MOPP suit.

Unattended death cleanup

An unattended death cleanup exposes the cleaner to some of the worst-case scenarios. Now, and unattended death may be more than a simple natural death. Both homicides and suicides occur at lead to, oddly enough, unattended deaths. In these cases the victim may have crawled or walked or ran to an area of a room or house were building and died alone, unattended. Left without discovery the body begins to decompose. Decomposition cleanup then becomes part of the unattended death cleanup. A decomposing human body can be quite horrific and it will have very strong fragrances. An unattended death, then, attracts insects as well as animals.

Not all unattended deaths from suicides will involve blood splatter. In such cases suicide might have occurred by drug overdose, alcohol overdose, or other means of suicide not involving great trauma to the body.

Bacteria eat away at the body internally and externally during decomposition. We must remember that the human body consist of at least 75% bacteria. Some researchers claim that the human body consist of 90% bacteria, but here we will go with the idea of 75% bacteria. So upon death to human beings bacteria content will change in species as well as numbers. Where though species of bacteria were thriving with a live human body, they also will begin to decompose and as they do they will off gas. This off gassing creates horrific odors that have peculiar fragrances for the many species of insects and animals on our planet.

As species of bacteria die off within our bodies there replaced by other species entering the body from our external environment. Through our eye sockets, nose, mouth, and broken flesh, species of bacteria join in the feast upon the human cadaver. There odors create a horrible stink. The stink permeates the room and homes. It permeates almost anything with a cellular construction, manufactured or naturally created. So everything from carpet padding to cotton T-shirts will hold the odor. Even would furnishings will hold this odor if the wood is not treated by sealers or waxes.

Wood floors become saturated with blood in human oils as the body decomposes and thriving in dying bacteria join the fluids in the wood floor. In the worst situations the wood floor must be removed where contaminated. Likewise fluids migrate to walls and in some cases pieces a wall must be replaced. In the worst cases, fluids will migrate below one floor into a second floor below. In the worst cases fluids will migrate across the floor and create havoc for cleaners. Imagine an unattended death on a toilet.


Toilet deaths

In the early morning hours baby boomers, older people, use the toilet. Because of their age their digestive system may not work properly or as well as it once did. The may strain to defecate. While pooping a force the stomachs diaphragm upward as the push and this creates pressure upon their heart. The heart then strains and fails. We use that common phrase "heart attack" to describe death in this way. Now you have a dead body on top of the toilet unless it falls over.

If the body remains upon the toilet, which is not the usual outcome of a toilet death, it will decompose with the oils and skin and even scalp making their way into the toilet itself. Most usually the body will fall over were becomes wedge between a wall in the toilet or a bathtub and shower in the toilet. If it falls forward so much the better for coroners employees and cleaners. In the worst cases, the wells will make their way to the toilet itself where the will migrate below the toilet if the toilet's caulking is cracked or not Dick enough. Then we have the case for these oils of blood make their way to the wall and where the wall is not well protected, the make their way into the wall given that they do not seep into other rooms or floors below. Toilet deaths are not pretty things.

In cases of a bathtub death, bathtub cleanup may require that the crime scene cleanup technician place a gloved hand and arm into the water to pull the plug. In such cases the bathtub may be soiled by blood and OPIM. In this case the OPIM will consist of adipocere material. Adipocere arises as the body decomposes in water or the high humidity environment. It is a white, waxy substance. It adds to the horrific nature of the job.

Insects invading the scene will include maggots most usually. Maggots and rats work hand-in-hand at causing decomposition to the body. Mice have a handy way of running off with the cadaver scalp to use its here for nests. So one might expect to find part of the decedent's hair in a kitchen cabinet. Although, a bathroom sink makes a handy place to build a nest.

A misconception exists in the public eye, the public's mind. People think of sewage backups or anything else dealing with human feces creates a biohazard cleanup problem. For the purposes of crime scene cleanup, human feces does not create biohazards unless the feces has blood in it. Although, a sewage cleanup is infectious waste cleanup, but infectious waste cleanup is not the same as a biohazard.

Likewise with mold cleanup. Mold cleanup is its own type of specialized cleaning requiring specialized techniques that are not used in the infectious waste cleanup field, generally speaking. Although mold cleanup is often overblown for insurance scam efforts, mold can be a serious problem for some people in some situations. Some people have allergies related to molds. We know for a fact that molds migrate as as they blow throughout a homes ventilation system. For this reason, mold cleanup crews use barriers created from plastic walls created to protect others in the home. Unfortunately, these barriers become more of a dog-and-pony show in a real effort to protect families and their contents.


Refrigerators become heavily soiled by molds following an unattended death, for example. Fruits, vegetables, and even packages of meat become great, luxurious habitat for many species of microorganisms like bacteria and viruses. When opening the door of a refrigerator that has been without electricity and cold environment, foodstuffs become infectious waste. Even adding bleach to the situation merely helps to control the odors while causing color loss of the contents. A refrigerator cleanup requires hot water, soap, scrubbing, and disinfecting solutions of bleach and water. after all.

If you're getting the idea that infectious waste cleaning belongs to the crime scene cleaners occupational field, you're getting the right idea. Because this janitorial niche includes feces cleanup and feces cleanup exposes the cleaner to 6000 known human viruses.

Cross Contamination

Then we have cross species contamination of an unattended death cleanup scene. For example, and unattended death may involve more than one decedent. Sometimes a couple will commit suicide simultaneously to end it all. More than once we know of husband and wife giving up their lives after losing it all in a gambling casino. We know that this has occurred in family homes when a husband and wife had died together after losing it all together in a gambling casino. There they remain unattended for some time. There they remain food and shelter for various microorganisms as well as species of insects if not rodents too.


For instance, flies lay their larva in the became body and the buildup of flowing and oozing blood in OPIM. Flies find clothing soiled by blood and OPIM a great place for their larva to thrive. After short while these larva hatch and become parents themselves. Their numbers grow it as their numbers grow the become builders of their own nests on furniture and walls. Cockroaches may invade the scene as well adding their own form of horrific actions to the cleaners astonishment.


Indoors, mice and rats have their share of the cadaver. Household pets have been known to feed on their masters for some time before starving. They in turn become habitat for insects and other critters. Meanwhile, insects and critters are now locomotive, walking and running and climbing throughout a home as mega million bodies decompose along with the growing number of dead insects. The death scene becomes cross contaminated by a multiplicity of species. Death has its way as the death cleanup becomes a monumental task in the most horrific proportions.

What sort of person wants a job cleaning after such events? A person with a rent to pay and a hope for a brighter future.


We never use the term all because to do so would be a dogmatic. We know that the tendency towards being dogmatic leads to all sorts of errors and misconceptions. We know that in science we never use this term, all, either. In the science of crime scene cleanup, crime scene cleanup science, we never use the term all. Hence, we cannot say that all crime scene cleanup company owners wish to exploit family misfortunes or others labor. But we would be wrong to suppose otherwise in most cases.


Like Donald Trump, it's a con.

It's a con job. You don't need to go to a crime scene cleanup school; they're stealing your money, cheating you. Get the job first. This business is controlled by coroners employees, cronies operating in a crony relationship with crime scene cleanup companies. This is a type of proto-fascism at the local level and second only to what we see in our national government's incestuous relationship between government and Wall Street operatives.

Because the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta, Georgia declared that bloodborne pathogens must be treated as biohazardous, bloodborne training certification is now required for some employees, like in hospitals. As such, human blood became a biohazard for our purposes. So the requirement for blood-borne pathogen certification arose for anyone who might be expected to work with or somehow be in the near vicinity of human blood. Hence, the exploitation of the term certification by crime scene cleanup schools.

A Kimberly Clark Tyvek suit, a "bunny suit" is often warn upon entrance of a death scene by technicians. More for the dog-and-pony aspect of crime scene cleaning than for protection, these suits help to impress families, responsible parties, with the hazards present on a death cleanup.

Remember a career field is a lifelong pursuit of various occupations. Of course, some people have one occupation their entire lives in this in turn serves as their career field. This is especially true in the professions like medicine and law.

With that said, we all have to pay the rent and some of us get a leg up in the beginning of our lives to pay our way through an otherwise cold and heartless world. We're not evil, in any case.

To unfairly categorize people. Not all "good Germans" were responsbile for genocide; not all used car sales people or real estate agents are liers, even though it seems so. Stereotypes are unfair and dangerous.