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Eddie Evans, AA, BA, MS



The Angel of Death - Black Plague

It came from sources unknown and struck fear and trembling into Mideval Europe's ruling classes for over a century. Kings, queens, popes, cardinals, and the common people sought answers to this deadly plague. None were coming and none came for centuries; not until science unraveled the germ theory of disease did the myths and superstions so common during the plague did humanity begin to learn about nature's unseen threats. Superstition began to take a back seat, but superstition still rules the day, even in the United States, when it comes to explaining human behavior and our place in the universe.

Crime Scene Cleanup Science

Humanity dreamt of a systematic way to move nature in a favorable direction, a direction toward human progress, our survival. The scientific method arose in many ways at many times and was lost many times, we might imagine. Finally, thanks to writing, we finally captured this methodical way to study nature and find know-how knowledge to alter nature to fit human needs. That what we learn from our crime scene cleanup school studies.


Crime Scene Cleanup Technician Jobs

It's a niche field of janitorial cleaning. So why would anyone want to be known as a crime scene cleanup? There's only two good reasons because the work is quite horrific at times. Even for the more experienced crime scene cleanup technicians, Crime scene cleanup work is boring. Sure, it challenges the senses from time to time, but there's not enough to it to choose as an occupation in one's career.

Blood and Death Cleanup Odors

We've lived with blood and death odors within our many environments for thousands of years and survived. Marines on Iwo Jima during World War II should prove the point. If not, then consider the many medical pathologists around the world dissecting cadaver over hundreds of years. Then there's the tens of thousands of morticians over thousands of years. Then there's the hundreds of millions of people that lived next to stored decomposing animals.



















The general American English-speaking population misuses the term career quite often. They see what educators in the career field understand. The term "career" means once career path, a series of occupations one might follow throughout a lifetime. So in the case of a biohazard cleaner, choosing this occupational field known as biohazard technician amounts to one step in a lifelong career progression.