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How Crime Scene Cleanup Works

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Do not believe cleaning company employees when they say that death's odors are dangerous; they lie.

Crime scene cleanup school continued -

When is Sheriff coroner employees complete their official duties at a crime scene, then the Sheriff coroner's crony employees call their favorite crime scene cleanup company. Sometimes these corners employees call their favorite crime scene cleanup company well before the Sheriff corner completes their investigation and removal of the victims remains. Although this is not official policy, County employees referring work to private companies, it does account for the majority of accepted business arrangements among County employees.

The benefiting crime scene cleanup companies return 10% of their gross, or net depending upon their arrangement for County employee. Not always to crime scene cleanup companies belong to a private citizen. Sometimes these blood cleanup companies belong to a County employee. This saves the County employee a bundle of money.

One, they do not need to market.

Two, to have a good idea of how much money they will be expected to pay in the near future for business. As a result, they can our regular employees and keep these employees fully occupied.

Three, they can bring other corner employees into their business network and increase their potential client base. In this way other employees receive a 10% referral that they paid to their crony County employee crime scene cleanup business owner.

Not always do we call homicide cleanup businesses "crime scene cleanup businesses." Many times people will refer to blood cleanup as "biohazard cleanup." This seems to be a growing trend in the population. In fact, many people never heard of the phrase crime scene cleanup.

Biohazard cleanup may refer to more than blood cleanup, but in the context used by the center for disease control, biohazards as a useful term refers specifically to blood cleanup. For the center for disease control, a biohazard consist of any of the following:


met blood
moist blood
dry flaky blood
objects containing enough wet or moist blood to release it upon compression
other potentially infectious materials, OPIM.

Less specifically

Less specifically these days, the term biohazard carries the connotation related to plagues like the black plague of the 13th century. In this case please carrying the virus were hosted by feral rats living in city and country dwellings and businesses. Tuberculosis as an airborne biohazard remain deeply etched in the minds of 19th-century urban residents. In those days it remained for the 1880s and on before the germ theory of disease arose to help explain this biohazard.

Crime scene cleanup school students are expected to have some idea about the conflict between those who denied the existence of germs than the cause of human disease and misery.







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Eddie Evans, biohazard cleanup