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Crime scene cleanup schools have one goal, to cheat you out of your money. I say "cheat" because there's no other word for what they do. They know, as I know, there are no crime scene cleanup jobs for you. Unless, of course, you find a county sheriff-coroner (medical examiner) employee with a monopoly over your local crime scene cleanup companies.

Here's the facts: jobs go to those businesses controled by Sheriff-Coroner employees in most cases; others to go other law enforcement related personnel ready to make a quick buck from families of the dead. Then there's those probate employess with exclusive access to court control over the dead's property and property maintenance.

As of this writing, insurance adjuster and in some case apartment management companies take part in this corruption. But in the case of our nation's sheriff-coroners' departments, it's government corruption at the expense of tax payers and the dead's families.


Overall, though, the United States' crime scene cleanup industry has local sheriff-coroner (medical examiners too) employee to monopolize it. It's easy for them. They simply direct homicide victims' families to their own crime scene cleanup company; in some cases, they refer these families to a crime scene cleanup company willing to pay a 10 percent kickback for the family's business.

So what does this mean for your prospects of starting your own crime scene cleanup company? It means that unless you know someone in your local sheriff-coroner's department willing to send families to your crime scene cleanup business, you're not going to have any business, at least not business in the crime scene cleanup field.

These employees tell families of the dead to use a select group of crime scene cleanup companies. These companies either pat a 10 percent kickback fee to these corrupt county employees, or the employees own all or part of the corrup cleaning companies.

Two, schools pose biohazard cleanup training (school) businesses' Internet deception. They chisel unsuspecting job seekers in many cases.

biohazard cleanup companies specialize in homicide, suicide, and unattended death cleanup. They do not generally hire students from schools. Most often, cleanup companies hire friends, relatives, and people known to county coroner employees.

These biohazard cleanup school web pages have more to do with common decency and justice than business. There's plenty here about education too. There's lots about science in the field of biohazards and bloodborne pathogens. I added a biohazardcleanup school poop cleanup information page as well. This page serves those students in need of infectious waste cleanup as in human poop (feces), dog, cat, mouse, rat, and bird poop cleanup.

So if you feel that you're reading political commentary, it's because you are in part; other stuff hits upon science and cleaning. I bust also delve into philosophy to set the stage for science.

The connections between these schools and government fraud, coroners employees, arises from their connection to cleanup companies.

Why? do you think that I make county employee fraud perpetrated against victims' families a big part of my writing?

A Qualification

What follows relates to a very small percentage of civil servants, including law enforcement. In fact, badges are hardly halos and worn by people doing their best, most often. Those wearing law enforcement badges pledged to "serve and protect." It happens that a very tiny percentage, say 0.001, take advantage of their positions cheating families -- especially medical Biohazard Cleanup School, coroner, investigators.

Be that as it may, the majority of deception by civil servants in biohazard cleanup related business occurs in coroner, medical Crime Scene Cleanup School, and county administrator (public guardian - - probate court related) departments.) departments. What this means: short version; long version.


If you came here after reading google Crime Scene Cleanup School on one of my school vehicles, here's the reason for the sign. It's to alert you to your county government's part in fraud against bereaved families.

You need this information. You need to know that your local government now supports a corrupt mentality, not unlike those in Russia's local governments. If local employees insist there's no such corruption, then they should not mind posting public information signs in public places. Many people do not know that government employees are forbidden to profit from their Crime Scene Cleanup School payer supported employment.

It begins with federal government legislation to protect medical workers and others against needle stick in the work place. Cronyism (civil servant self-enrichment from their Crime Scene Cleanup School payer paid positions) soon spread in local government agencies.

Civil Servants Hugh Payoff

Companies began paying hugh payoffs to civil servants. Each victim's family became a payoff for homicide cleanup, suicide cleanup, and unattended death cleanup. This arrangement has now metastasized into growing government employee racketeering throughout the USA. You bet they'll deny it. Get the public notices to help save your children's future for democracy.

I ask that you demand your local governments to post signs in their offices. Warn the public against civil servants offering business services of any type. I've fought this corruption in our government as a consumer advocate for death cleanup a long time. I'm left little alternative in this fight to protect free enterprise, but to ask others to share this information. Who knows what else our civil servants are doing to us? Eddie Evans - Orange County, California


Keep your money. If someone wants to hire you as a biohazard cleaner, then they will train you. There are few if any standard curriculums for teaching blood cleanup. You will find standards and certification at the American Red Cross, few other places. Some universities place their blood cleanup protocols online, but even these have their variations. What you can do when doing blood cleanup you can do anywhere, keep you distance. There, you see, free.

Spend you money on one of these "schools" and you will find out what I learned over 10 years ago. You will not be able to start your own business because the county employees send families and businesses to crony companies. They have first contact with bereaved families and Businesses. You do not.

Besides, if you wanted to Crime Scene Cleanup School as I Crime Scene Cleanup School, then you must prepare for many hours of reading and writing. You must have hundreds of web sites and thousands of web pages just to keep even. Without these web pages, you will not find the few prospective clients left by civil servants. Those left over are families and businesses without insurance, without deep pockets.

These prospective clients cannot afford the money charged by monopoly companies. These become the clients that do reach the Internet. Sometimes they reach me. Sometimes on holidays they reach me. Rarely do they reach anyone else like me because few people clean homicides, suicides, and unattended deaths outside of local government related monopolies.

Why I write for this school -

Civil servants cheating victimized families enrages me; just the thought of it alone causes me great anger and indignation. To think that so many people have given so much of themselves to live in an open society, and these fascist pigs take advantage of their privileged position, first contacts with bereaved families become government fraud contacts.

They take advantage of United States's families hurt in ways beyond words. Isn't this enough to cause a person to act out of outrage and a yearning for justice and common decency? Where's the sheriff, the DA, the county administrator? Your guess is as good as mine, and it's not pretty.

As for the biohazard cleanup school chiselers, they're just creepy punks feeding off of the uninformed, the uniformed veterans, among others. What kind of "support the troops" is this, cheating the vets? Then there's the mothers and fathers unemployed by Wall Street goons and oligarchs. Desperate to feed and clothe their families, they turn to these creepy people on the Internet and receive lies and promises to their desperate questions. I know because they call me.

With the few resources available to them, they take a leap of faith and these punks stab them in the groin, figuratively speaking. So who wouldn't do what any decent person would do, then to Crime Scene Cleanup School pose this fraud against job seekers in a world gone mad?

See coroner fraud comments if you want to know why you probably cannot successfully start your own business. In short, your local government employees probably have a monopoly over your county's death cleanup business. You must break their monopoly if you expect a cleanup school to begin your own business. (return)


Coroner Fraud

I use Orange County, California as my example.

Today we find some people have a little difficulty recognizing Orange County, California's cronyism in the Sheriff-Coroner's Department. It does Crime Scene Cleanup School. A visit to Orange County Fraud will show Crime Scene Cleanup School has little use to those of you interested in a biohazard cleanup occupation.

Likewise, Orange County Consumer Fraud shows how consumers of homicide, suicide, and unattended death cleanup services find coroner's employees ready to cheat them. As shown on pages at Coroner Fraud, coroner's employees send grieving families to crony blood cleanup companies. In return, these companies give a kickback to coroner's employees. This local government corruption comes down to who readers believe.

Do they believe me, Eddie Evans, or the Orange County Sheriff's Department. Who stands to profit from misleading the public? How would I profit by spending my time writing about coroner fraud on my many web pages, day-in and day-out, month after month? When a person has hundreds of web pages advertising their services in a county, they ought to receive several telephone calls a year, at least. I receive one at best in twelve months. So who lies?


Orange County Coroner Fraud covers much of these arguments. In short, Orange County's Sheriff-Coroner's employees keep a monopoly over all types of death cleanup related to homicide, suicide, and unattended death cleanup.

Our Orange County victims of violence become victims again as they're swindled by county coroner's employees. I worked for Orange County for over 12 years, Orange County corruption causes me to wonder what went on while I was an employee. I suspected, actually knew, that some employees abused our overtime system, but I didn't know about other abuses.

I call this Orange County Fraud by this name, "Orange County Cronyism."Visit Orange County cleanup and Los Angeles biohazard cleanup for hints at adding an addition business line to your career plans. Also, cleanup training offers the same and similar information, but for an entirely different stone. These web pages may be of help to learn how to remove blood during a cleanup. Last, I reserve Florida for another worthy web page. Florida's cleaning issues stand in stark contrast to United States cleaning issues in general.


A death cleanup following a homicide or suicide may involve human blood cleanup. Human blood cleanup in this business follows from homicide, suicide, and unattended death. Standard operating procedures for the blood cleanup field Include military methods for the decontamination of internal and external environments.

This small business activity should include small businesses like carpet cleaning and water damage companies. They would add biohazard cleanup to diversify their activities. Some franchise opportunities are available through Servpro and other nation-wide franchisers. These require quite a bit of startup capital, diligence, and a willingness to work very hard, unless you have enough capital to hire employees.

School Laws

School laws are considered important in protecting the interests of the State and the welfare of its citizens or subjects. The word "crime" came from Latin crimen (genitive criminis), from the Latin root cernō and Greek κρινω = "I judge". Originally it meant "charge (in law), guilt, accusation." In everyday usage, a crime is understood any act that violates a law. With this in mind, you may wonder how cleanup schools persist when their operators might go to jail for misleading people like yourself.

Where do we find all three terms working together?

In the Gulf of Mexico, cleanup schools would have many students. Besides the growing biohazard cleanup issues arising from global warming, there's the drug cartel wars against one another and the Mexican government. We would find notes taken by these students very exciting.

Also, because British Petroleum negligently caused irreparable harm to the gulf fish and more, many people in the United States no longer have their jobs. Some people have committed suicide as a result of this human-made catastrophic catastrophe. As another consequence, we will probably find that assault and murder rates have increased. (return) Also read my addiction and violence article.

See my more recent suicide cleanup pages and my feces cleanup pages for more school information. Likewise, I've added a page school visitors interested in feces cleanup practices. In this age prepare to diversify your business, and feces cleanup offers an avenue to a nich cleanup field. So infectious waste in general is not just crime scene cleanup.


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