Do It Yourself Blood Cleanup Information and Issues

Narrative - Audio

Many times over the last 15 years I've heard the tale told of crime scene cleanup company employees telling victim's family members that they could not do blood cleanup in their own home. These employees have been either ignorant or outright liars. In any case, by now many families across the United States and been misled to pay many thousands of dollars they need not have wasted for blood cleanup by professional blood cleanup companies. Because of this I decided to create this dual use of blood cleanup webpage.


Blood cleanup on crime scenes and a long history before anyone care to write about blood cleanup or crime scene cleanup in New York City.


A homicide occurred in New York City that brought the need of a broad blood transfusion to the doorstep of Dr. Alexis Correll. He had spent some time in blood cleanup research working at the Rockefeller Institute for medical research. Outside of his door stood three ash faced men: Dr. Adrian VS Lambert of Columbia University and his two brothers, both surgeons. Lamberts wife had given birth to a daughter several days before, and as a result blood oozed from her nose and mouth. The lady would suffer a bleed out to death without some help.