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Los Angeles County County Feces Cleanup Information


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Los Angeles County Feces Cleanup Narrative

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Look to the history of feces cleanup and you'll find hieroglyphics gave us word of feces cleanup problems in ancient Egypt. Pictures on urns, illuminated manuscripts, paintings, and notes also point out feces cleanup problems. Millions died over the centuries as their feces contaminated their drinking water.

Early Roman Feces Cleanup Strategies

Early Roman senators and their engineers were quick to build aqueducts where they could for both sanitary water for drinking and cooking and feces cleanup. They use gravity to push water over great distances while building troughs across plains, hills, and valleys.

They built great bridges across large canyons and rivers. Roman citizens during the reign of Caesar expected and received bathhouses for bathing and recreation. Likewise, the expected imported water to export human feces. In this way, the Romans' engineers created the first fully functional large city feces cleanup systems.

By the time of Western society's industrial revolution the issue of human feces became a critical part of urban growth. Anxious city planners scrambled to find out what to do with the tons of human feces building up over the days in city collection zones for feces. Chambermaid's carried pots no one as chamber pots to these destinations and left their contents there for others to worry about.

City planners rushed to solve this urgent and perplexing problem, but came down to one simple solution" find a place to put all this human feces were won't bother anybody else. Los Angeles County's feces problems remain much the same, we just don't realize it.


First Flush Toilets

The first flush toilets brought hope to the households of many people, but it also brought severe problems because of faulty plumbing and an ill prepared infrastructure. Because we take this simple act of flushing away our feces during feces cleanup for granted, we don't give it much thought until something happens to our own toilet. A toilet overflow means toilet sewage cleanup. Toilets once used contain "black water" until flushed. Blackwater means water contaminated by raw sewage, as in human feces.

The first patents for flushing toilets were written about 200 years ago. But those first toilets were slow and far and few between to reach the masses. Only when it became apparent to the ruling classes of London and Paris that human feces carries cholera and typhoid fever did democratization of flush toilets reach peasants new turbine life as a working class.

Without the infrastructure and proper plumbing the first toilets failed miserably at times. Even to this day, Bellflower's toilets some times fail. Anyway, the early toilets leaked. They made a great amount of noise when flushed and everybody in the home knew that sewer lines were being used and sometimes flooded out people's basements or yards.

Sometimes a sewer lines didn't even exist. All sorts of contraptions were credited individual residents'homes for getting the icky poo outside the home. It did not take long to discover that great fields of floating feces near the city dwellings did not answer the call for democratizing feces cleanup.

Feces Toxicity

A highly toxic substance when not taken care of properly, feces enters our drinking water as a destructive poison with all sorts of germs consisting of bacteria and viruses. Human feces as at least 6.000 known viruses. Los Angeles County would not have water it needs to flush with all the feces created by its residents but for the work of William Mulholland (1855 – 1935).

Mulholland have the title of Los Angeles County water Czar. When we speak of Los Angeles County, people often bring up the name of William Mulholland because water means everything to Los Angeles County. Irish-born in a merchant seamen for four years, the times of mathematics while at sea. He later became a knife sharpener while on the trail and as a lumberjack in Michigan. Then he sold dry goods in Pittsburgh and would prospect and minds and plot Indians in Arizona.


William Mulholland

We see that William Mulholland would do well in Los Angeles with his background of information and acquired skills. When he reached Los Angeles in 1877 with a mere $10 in his pocket, he found a job later in as a bigger and as he did so he taught himself geology and engineering from public library books. We might say that without public libraries at public expense, he would never had a William Mulholland nor would we have the growth that Los Angeles County experienced.

Mulholland lived in a shack near Los Feliz and Riverside Drive. In 1877 he picked up work as a ditch digger Los Angeles. Working hard and putting his education to work, he soon became chief engineer and and then superintendent in 1886. This is a guy that benefited Los Angeles County long before its time. . He picked himself up by the bootstraps, so to speak.

The drought of the 1890s proved that Los Angeles needed to do something with its water supply. "Whoever brings the water will bring the people" became attributed to Mulholland as the wisdom for broad growth in Los Angeles County. The next mayor of the city, known as Fred Eaton, brought the idea of moving water from the Eastern Sierra Nevada to Los Angeles.

The two headed for the on Valley in 1904 and surveyed a path for what would become the California aqueduct. Like the Romans, they plan to move a lot of water over a lot of ground to a lot of people and they did so, like the Romans.

Mulholland met with Teddy Roosevelt in order to cross federal property, an agreement to Roosevelt readily agreed to as a sure road to progress for the Los Angeles basin. Mulholland supervised over 5000 workers in a six-year construction project spanning 233 miles. Naturally, as we might expect, Mulholland became the Los Angeles Department of water and power director as it became the largest single water company in the United States.

Just how he did it might dazzle some of us I'm sure, but Mulholland designed the aqueduct to flow by gravity alone. On November 5, 1913, over 40,000 people watched as waterboarding to the San Fernando Valley down the Los Angeles aqueduct. At that time all day one of the shortest speeches for a county official: "there it is! Take it!"


Saint Francis Dam Break

Later, tragedy would strike on 12 March 1928 when the St. Francis Dam in the Santa Clara River Valley broke wide open until 450 people in Los Angeles and Ventura counties. Later a jury blamed Mulholland for the disaster and without blinking an eye, the man accepted full responsibility for the disaster.

Bellflower owes a lot to William Mulholland. When it comes to feces cleanup and the sewer system, we need to remember that it's the water from the Sierra Nevada moved south by gravity to Los Angeles County that flushes millions of tons of human feces every year without fail. When we flush our toilets and begin organized feces cleanup, Los Angeles sewage treatment plants handle to feces cleanup for the rest of us.

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