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Los Angeles blood cleanup services offered by myself, Eddie Evans, include homicide, suicide, unattended death, and decomposition cleanup. Blood cleanup for traumatic injuries also comes within my field of professional biohazard cleaning. I am a professional crime scene cleanup practitioner.

I clean infectious waste, in general, but not biohazards like Ebola, Zike, and other bloodborne pathogens known for their horrific damages to humans beings. The ability of these two viruses, alone, requires insurance coverage that I do not care to carry. Cleaning after biohazards related to homicide, suicide and unattended deaths throughout Los Angeles gives me plenty to do.

I've been in the blood cleanup business for over 15 years and began in blood cleanup while in the military. Born in Lynwood, California, I spent my childhood in Los Angeles County and attended Los Angeles County public schools. I attended the University of California at Long Beach as well as Long Beach Community College. I also attended Cerritos Community College. I enlisted in the Army in 1965 and was soon invited to practice my skills in South Vietnam.


My blood cleanup services include the following:

  • fog the soiled area with mild disinfectant
  • remove soiled materials
  • scrub and rinse soiled areas
  • disinfect soiled areas
  • seal soiled areas like walls and floors
  • remove bed, couch, or other once soiled furniture
  • fixed fee
  • guaranteed work
  • guaranteed price

My service often includes making decisions and destroying objects that are beyond recovery.

Odors -

Blood and death orders are not dangerous to human beings, unless becoming nauseated somehow results in an unforeseen strangulation my regurgitation. I grant that other Los Angeles blood cleanup companies say otherwise, but I've yet to become ill or dangerously sick from either blood or death's owners. If blood and death orders were dangerous than Pharos morticians could not have worked so well in balmy there Kings. Today's morticians could not survive any more than today's pathologist in our Los Angeles County coroner's department could survive these odors.

Los Angeles City has a population of about 3,800,000 and it continues to grow with a highly diverse population.

Of these great numbers we would expect to find blood related illnesses arising from the many homicides, suicides, and unattended deaths occurring in Los Angeles city and Los Angeles County. But we do not. And I would not be dogmatic enough to claim that no one becomes ill or extremely ill from blood owners or death's orders.

Reducing Blood and Death's Odors

Nature controls these owners my chemical and physical reactions found in blood and other human fluids. Given time these odors disappear, but not quickly enough for most of us.

So in the blood cleanup business we know that it's important to remove the source material, those materials contaminated by human blood or animal blood. Once these blood soiled items are removed from the crime scene or death scene, the odors begin to weaken and where they were once a powerful and sickening stench, but begin to linger in the air and remain so for days or weeks at times depending on how long the blood another human influence were present.

Scrubbing and rinsing nonporous areas will help to reduce blood's owners. Likewise with death orders where more than simply blood has contaminated the area.

But what about those areas of nonporous materials to become soiled by blood like wood floors?

Most Los Angeles blood cleanup practitioners the soiled wood from the floor or scrub it and rinse it and then seal it with the paint primer as found at Home Depot. The most prominent and popular among the sealers is known as Zinnsser, which is available in both spray cans and gallon containers.

Keep in mind that simply sealing the soiled area is not guaranteed the order will go away because remaining source material will continue to reach out those gases continuing in the bacteria remaining in the wood. For this reason it's extremely important to remove all of the bacteria associated with the blood and death effluent contamination.


Household disinfectants will work for disinfecting wide areas during blood cleanup activities. Some companies do use what I call "exotic" disinfectants, but according to the United States Center for Disease Control, household bleach at a 1 to 4 portion of which the water will disinfect once blood soiled areas on nonporous surfaces. But what about those surfaces that are not nonporous, like wood floors?

Most floor decontamination from blood or other human affluence following death or serious blood loss requires agitation of some sort. The deeper the influence saturation the greater agitation that must occur. This may mean actually sanding the wood floor with sandpaper. Many times a black pad used where they standard janitorial floor buffer will do the trick. Otherwise, remedies are down to two actions. One, a course sanding pad on a buffers working and, or removing the soil part of the floor.

Many blood cleanup companies are known to simply remove the floor rather than do the work needed to recover the floor. There are some positives and negatives involved in this action. For the cleaning company it means causing structural damage to the home and this in terms allows for a homeowners insurance claim. Without structural damage most claims for blood cleanup will not be honored by homeowners insurance.

If the dwellings owner wishes to replace the carpet over the soiled area than those probably no problem with scrubbing out the offending bacteria causing orders. The same goes for a linoleum floor or other type of floor like natural stone. Keep in mind, if enough work is not completed on the floor than these orders can and will continue to pollute the offended rooms air. So if one expects to save the floor it must be claimed and seal properly. It comes down to this, never expect to destroy an owner simply by covering up its source.

Also see my Los Angeles County page for more information about Los Angeles.

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This powder speeds up the cleaning process on nonporous surfaces and disinfects with its bleach properties. It also helps to dig into a wood floor's surface when removing offending bacteria. It has other uses in this biohazard cleanup field, but I'll keep those to myself.

Biohazards in the crime scene cleanup business involve wet human blood, dry human blood, dry flaky blood, and objects prone to release blood when compressed. In the crime scene cleanup field, then, biohazards involve human blood and other potentially infectious materials. Biohazards like Ebola virus and Zeka virus in human blood is known as pathogens and give human blood that "bloodborne pathogen" designation.