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Eddie Evans

CASH (I include cleaning materials.)

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My driving time from Cypress, California increases costs and my fee.



Los Angeles Feces Cleanup


My prices reflect my time, travel, cleaning solutioners, equipment, tools, and knowledge. I'm not cheap, but I'm less expensive than most or all of my competitors. Speaking of which, it's difficult to find a competitor for human feces removal, cleaning, and disinfection of soiled property. I also have a toilet sewage cleanup business page running parallel to this web page.

Also known as poop and kaka, feces has a social stigma in many societies. Especially theses days, we have no use for this stuff, this icky-poo-poo. It stinks, it smears, it soils, it embarrasses anyone found with attached feces to their person.


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Eddie Evans, biohazard cleanup



This page serves both as a crime scene cleanup school page and also as a feces cleanup page. It is a feces cleanup page for those Southern California residents in need of feces cleanup in their homes or businesses. I also offer this page for prospective crime scene cleanup school students who I advise not to pay money to attend a biohazard cleanup schools. The reason for this is that crime scene cleanup schools lead to nothing. No jobs in the crime scene cleanup school other than for those Sheriff-corner employees who wish to start their own crime scene cleanup business or refer work to their very privileged friends and relatives from biohazard cleanup companies. Put another way, nationwide, or County Sheriff-corners (medical examiners) have employees involved in cronyism.