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June 2016

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June 2, 2016 - Congress - U.S. Congress Aims to Cut Climate Science - narrative to follow

June 13, 2016

Newborns will now be the first humans to live in 400 parts per million carbon dioxide (CO2) atmosphere for the most part and in perpetuity. There's no going back now, not for them or future generations to come in the foreseeable future. (Thanks mom and dad.)



June 28, 20016

Great Pacific Garbage Patch

It's garbage for certain and its killing sea life right now. More, its going to continue doing so and at an increasing rate. Plus, As it breaks down it becomes available for tiny bottom feeders. What about chemical pollution as it breaks down and a warming sea alters its chemical composition? This is not right.


June 1, 2016


Climate Deception Propaganda Article button jpg Climate Deception Propaganda Article - Continues the nonexisting "debate" issue and call for a middle ground, which amounts to another tobacco industry stall tactic. Comparing economic models to climate modeling on computers has a long history of deception tactics.

But let's play out this climate deception game again for kicks. (And If Exxon didn't believe in the value of computer climate modeling, it wouldn't have invested time and money in it over the decades.)

So here's another climate deception article using a poor analogy, macroeconomics computer modeling compared to climate modeling. On its face, if fails mightily for a simple, most obvious reason. Macroeconomics remains mired in complex variables that have no physical, objective material to research, other than other macroeconomic data. Gross National Product, labor, consumption, and more remain subject to many variables.

There's no analogy here whatsoever. Macroeconomic computer modeling relies on human behavior and nature: political-economy, war, weather, climate, fossil fuel costs, and much more. The facts do not remain open to critical analysis, but for political leanings. They change rapidly.

Climate modeling with computers relies on actually existing stuff: weather patterns over thousands of years (tree rings), observable glazer melt worldwide, observable carbon dioxide levels in ice samples (reproducible), carbon dioxide levels in the oceans (coral reef analysis for carbon dioxide), geological records (actually existing strata and the paleontological record), actually ongoing sea level rise, actually existing rises in Earth surface temperatures (measured since the 1880s) and ocean temperatures , actually existing increases in atmospheric and ocean carbon dioxide levels, and more.

MrArdle writes climate deception propaganda matching that of the tobacco industry. Also, note the comment, "left-wing."

By the way, I don't hear anger from climate scientists. I hear frustration, little optimism.

 Climate Deception Article

Global-Warming Alarmists, You're Doing It Wrong - Megan McArdle

"Anyone who’s familiar with the history of macroeconomic modeling in the 1960s and 1970s will be tempted to answer “Umm, we can’t.” Economists thought that the explosion of data and increasingly sophisticated theory was going to allow them to produce reasonably precise forecasts of what would happen in the economy. Enormous mental effort and not a few careers were invested in building out these models. And then the whole effort was basically abandoned, because the models failed to outperform mindless trend extrapolation -- or as Kevin Hassett once put it, “a ruler and a pencil.” Megan MrArdle - (return)


Comments on Trump

May 27, 2016

A useful fool until he won. Until then, he helped to expose the hypocracy, greed, and lies of the ruling elites in his party.


  • a man-baby
  • emotionally, psychologically immature, not unlike an impulsive, obnoxious, 13 year-old juvenile delinquent.
  • pathological lier
  • profoundly ignorant of climate change science, science, international issues
  • poor intellectual development

Most obviously he's displayed an emotional and psychological immaturity matching that of a 13 year-old juvenile delinquent, spoiled rotten at that.

Now he's deadly dangerous and his pathology grows while he finds a following inclined to follow pathological liers. Put another way, his "following" found him, a fellow traveler, billionaire oligarch with poor socialization skills, unafraid to make a fool of himself.


"No California drought." I've seen it with my own eyes as far North as I've traveled in the last two years, Shasta, California. See Trump claims there's no drought" in California and then check

"No California drought" hardly comes close to his science ignorance and denial of climate change. Scary.

Profoundly ignorant "  Trump's an extremely dangerous person and his followers share his ignorance. They are not well informed people and probably have a history of relying on Fox and other commercial outlets for information.

I suspect many of his followers feel threatened by critical thinking and science.

Followers' Politics

Trump's followers make superficial judgements about public personalities. They base their ideas on meaningless characteristics like wealth, physical features, family connections, and so forth.


Democrats and republicans belong to the same master - - Mammon. They will have their way. It's inevitable because our presidential candidates will seek out the safest route to satisfying the oligarchs and corporations.

The next president will play at environmental issues, stall, seek out the least affective means of returning Earth's CO2 content to pre-industrial levels. Expect a big push by cement heads for nukes. See Eishenower for more on the future. eisenhower military-industrial complex audion buttons short version military industrial complex short version audio buttons)

The corporate media will continue their control of our public airwaves, promoting our march to worldwide geneocide. Trump's followers and their like will continue to follow bread and circuses, false promises, corporate propaganda.