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August 2016



Democracy for sale, sold - Zika Attacks US, Congress Vacations - No Iraq War Report? - Page Menu - This school promises useful information which is what all school experiences should lead to, useful information.

global warming

Crime Scene Cleanup School exists to share valuable information leading to the apprehension, arrest, prosecution, and execution of criminal government and corporate leaders. On ths crime scene cleanup school page I note those important events in our recent US history events.

Crime scene cleanup school students need to know about computer technology; with coroner's employee monopolies over crime scene cleanup, our school's students need to know how to stay in business, if in this infectiouse waste business. Go here for a growing resource in this important technology field: US Computer Help

US Democracy For Sale -

Amy Goodman's video report democracy for sale audio shares information about the direction of votes-for-sale to foreign companies and countries. We definitely see the need for national crime scene cleanup among our politicians. Thanks you Amy.

A foreign owned corporation contributed to Jeb Bush's presidential campaign. It's a big "bad" for democracy, right, but it's also completely legal and totally unpatriotic.

Citizens United came as a Supreme Court decision making it legal for corporations, US or anywhere, to make political contributions without limit. This basically kills our democracy, given time. As a result we'll see the end of free enterprise as we have seen the end of free enterprise in crime scene cleanup., which in its wisdom, decided that anyone (including corporations, "people" now), anywhere, have an entitlement to buy-off US politicians.

What would President Eisenhower say? We can't say because crime scene cleanup school deals in facts when it comes to anything, especially the need for crime scene cleanup in politics.

Zika Virus

zeka virus image

Zika Virus Attacks US, Congress Vacations - July 3

zeka virus Ian Master's talks to Dr. Charles van der Horst who teaches at the University of of Medicine, University of North Carolina’s Center for Infectious Disease. Here's an article with audio. (Zika in US) (update) Zika Outbreak August 28, 2016 update by Ian Masters

It's bad news for this crime scene cleanup school when the US Congress trys to cut climate science.


Now we find our US Congress strayed from their duty to compat biohazards in the United States. The Zika virus promises to show the republican house members the dangers of playing politics with bioihazards like the Zika virus. The had, have, a duty to clear the way for passage of a 1.7 billion dollar bill to fund the attack on this biohazard spreading around the US. Rather then pass this important bill, they demanded the following attachments be added to the clean bill:

  • protect confederate flags where currently not allowed
  • end Planed Parenthood funding
  • end to Clean Water Act

This promotion of the confederate flag over the needs of the unborn cannot be ignored. This is treason for certain. Anytime biohazard threats to the American unborn becomes a treat that our government must address.
A CDC spokesman said on Wednesday that "evidence is mounting to suggest local transmission via mosquitoes" in South Florida, noting that the cases fit transmission patterns seen with prior mosquito-borne outbreaks such as Chikungunya.

Sometime in 2015 Zika lept to more than 40 countries. Transmitted by mosquito bite or human sexual contact, it may have more in store for migrating. Researchers claim that Zika causes terrible birth defects, including microcephaly, when babies are born with abnormally tiny heads, and Guillain–Barré syndrome, an autoimmune disease that can affect patients of any age. A better crime sene cleanup school subject could never exceed this one.

This biohazard could amount to a numbers game. This means that it will come and go over the years as seasons warm and Zika's own reproduction takes ups and downs in its numbers. For certain, the southern states in which these republicans seek protection for the confederate flag remain the largest target for Zika's virus.

plastic kills

No Iraq Invasion Report? It's a crime scene cleanup job and no one wants to accept blame.

It's curious that we've had many enquiries into President Bill Clinton's zipper affair in the White House, but no inquiry into our invasion of Iraq. The British investigated their role in the Iraq invasion, and they found government lies and manipulation, deception. This is more criminal behavior and creates a crime scene cleanup condition.

Today, the Middle East remains in free-fall as a result of our Iraq invasion; the British learned from the Chilicot report about their government's lies, about their part in their bad faith role in an Iraq invasion. Is it any wonder that the Russians and Chinese seek crime scene cleanup solutions to global warming? As a result we've had 11 years of military crime scene cleanup..

Still, over a decade later, we remain in the dark with no report. How can this be considering the immense interest in Bill Clinton's zipper? We know more about Bill Clinton's zipper than we do about the US invasion of Iraq. (see Monica Lewinski scandal)

Read "Fractured Land, How The Middle East Came Apart," and visit Democracy Now's production - I consider the fracture of the middle-east as a direct consequence of the Bush administration's lies and deception leading to the US Iraq invasion, which remain unexplained to date. We need crimr scene cleanup in Texas. We do. That's saying something. Here's an audio only on mp3

Physicist explaining climate change to a denier on TV is grim viewing

Another concern, marine heat waves -

Land carbon storage swelled in the Little Ice Age, which bodes ill for the future

Extreme Weather Events (audio for this blog note) August18, 2016

Keywords: Lemar Smith - No Silver Bullet

weather extreme - - This is a good interview hitting upon some important areas of global warming's causes. Forbes Tompkins keeps a "stiff upper lip" throughout so I wander if he's trying to keep morale up.

Forbes Tompkins, a Research Analyst in the Global Climate Program at the World Resources Institute, he's tasked with an analysis of climate change impacts throughout the U.S.

More Trump Junk - August 20, 2016

It's become at least a weekly incident of the week and now it looks like it's becoming a near daily fact check crash. Trumps got over half a billion in debt. That a lot of money for a guy claiming to have "The Art of the Deal" down while running for president.

Then there's that inconvenient truth about his four bankruptcies. I understand one bankruptcy by a business because roughly four out of five go under, but four? Usually we try to pay off our creditors once we file bankruptcy and gain a breather from finance charges and such. But four?

How can we trust this guy to actually help curtail global warming when he's in hock with who or what? Considering Jeb Bush's sellout, there's no way this planet's safe with Bush at the helm. Gad, then there's Clinton. It seems almost hopeless.

hermaphorides Chance-and-Necessity and Hermaphroditism

I find a problem with my application of chance-and-necessity because of its similarity to other Manichaeism dualisms. This goes to making a point, human logic's not likely to match nature's complexity. And trying to fudge a gray area or middle ground between these powerful natural occurrences destroys the point of using either; yet, nature does indeed deal in strict terms of necessity as found in gravity. Then we find chance events occurring in biological nature, living nature, as in my comments below on hermaphroditism.

At about age 7 I saw my first and only hermaphrodite, and interestingly, I had never seen a "vagina," owing to my tender age I suspect. Had I grown up on a farm I would have had the experience among nature's domesticated creatures, I'm sure, but as a suburban latch key kid, I remained naive for decades to come in matters of nature's vast diversity.

Anyway, visiting a kid from around the corner, I learned that he had many brothers and sisters scattered throughout his home. As we entered a family room I saw a nude toddler sitting on a couch toying with his/her private parts. What I saw I soon sublimated, so to speak, because of the absurdity, the shock of this observation. Not until I studied biology in college did this idea, hermaphroditism, come to my attention again.

Of course, when I went to college the idea of hermaphroditism as other biologically diverse physical structures went without comment on their overall role in nature's processes. That remained for us to figure out, to connect the dots if we chose.

I slowly walked on and the image of that young boy/girl did not reappear in my mind for many years. This crime scene cleanup school blog came to mind much earlier. It remained for my Darwin readings before the idea arose again. Darwin became famous, in part, because of his mollusk studies and findings on hermaphroditism. As a member of the British Royal Society, Darwin's work found natural philosophers (scientists) with interests similar to his own - - some peer group for a one-time theology student bound for the world of a quiet, unassuming country parson!

What Darwin found among the molluscs amounted to fairly frequent hermaphrodite members of the mollusc species. He concluded that in instances of hermaphroditism the hermaphrodite's male reproductive organ acted as a parasite, surely a chance event in nature's ways, not of necessity. But, had natural selection, as Darwin might suggest, favored reproduction of hermaphroditism over sexual reproduction, by chance it could have arose.

First-Cause Too Broad

I must note,too, that first-cause ideas would fail to select and explain such obscure occurrences in nature, considering the immensity of a first-cause and the specificity and rare occurrence of hermaphroditism in nature, human and nonhuman.

So adding to his findings, Darwin found two as well as one male reproductive organ in some of these shelled critters. These were not "freaks of nature," but chance variations on nature's genetic code for mollusks. The molluscs have no problem as a species-population with this genetic deviancy from the norm of sexual selection, Darwin found. If they did have reproduction problems, then they most likely would not have made it to Victorian England.

Darwin also believed the birth of sexuality showed itself in some part through these varieties of hermaphroditism. He also believed that these findings gave further evidence to the gradual change among species as they slowly changed with the geological record, which helps to explain the ever increasing complexity of species' fossils from lower geological strata rocks to higher geological strata rocks, generally.

As for hermaphroditism, I have no idea how his ideas on hermaphroditism as a direction for natural selection pans out in the long term. His comments on nature's complexities among layers of species found from lower geological strata to higher geological strata helped explain what others had found and questioned.

So earlier than Darwin, researchers found simple life forms among lower geological strata fossils, which became increasingly complex in higher geological strata's fossils. Until Darwin a sound explanation remained elusive, except for Alfred North Wallace.

Working class nature philosophers like
Wallace were more rare than hermaphrodites. This Welsh natural philosopher traveled the world as a poor man and earned his travel expenses by catching giant butterflies on south sea islands, hot spots for natural selection studies. Darwin's findings on the South American Galapagos Islands served as his hot spot for natural selection research as well.

The isolation of species-populations on islands helps to create a natural selection laboratory they showed. (Isolation, inheritance, population pressures)

Wallace wrote to Darwin about his findings on natural selection, which shook the now famous biologist. Wallace had scooped his evolution by natural selection theory. Darwin did not want his finding published during his life time, but now he had to publish, in spite of the powerful ideological leanings of the religious community; besides, his wife's religious feelings were at risk over the matter.

So now Darwin stood to lose his place in history unless he joined with Wallace, and he does so graciously. The two shared credit for discovering natural selection as a sound explanation for species' diversity, alive and extinct. Wallace's explanation came in the form of about 7 hand-written pages. Darwin wanted thousands of pages to convince others, but had to go with fewer than 400 pages; he wanted to speak with the greatest authority, and did so beyond his wildest imagination.

Earlier, researchers like the famous Van Humbolt (as in California's Humbolt County) also sought answers to nature's diversity (outside of appeals to authority, church dogma); a hard core adventurer from a wealthy Prussian (German) family, he enjoyed many travels on his family's money, similar to Darwin's travels on the HMS Beagle at his father's expense.

Like Humbolt, Darwin traveled to South America where Humbolt had made keen observations on active and inactive volcanoes and species variations, alive and fossilized. The two knew of one another after Darwin's famous voyage. Like Darwin, Humbolt could hardly ignore the idea of a changing Earth. Active and inactive volcanic action and fossil findings proved that we live on a changing planet, in spite of the dominant religious ideas of the time. Earthquakes also helped Darwin confirm the Earth's ever-changing geology, and today we know that the Earth's continents shuffle about on "plates."

So more complex species' fossils were explained by both Darwin and Wallace from researches on nearly opposite sides of the Earth, both finding a worthy explanation for the many varieties of species in existence and extinct, mostly extinct. Humbolt and others missed this natural process. This bit of information becomes so important in today's political atmosphere of climate change deception, at least it's important to those of us that care about the future of life on Earth. I now wonder about the outcomes of both chance and necessity as life attempts to adapt to Earth's increasing fever.

Here I've alluded to Darwin and Wallace in the context of chance-and-necessity as natural forces. I find no necessity in the emergence of hermaphroditism, and have no way of knowing about the origins of it within a first-cause principle.

Chance genetic changes by chemical alterations goes toward the probability of chance deviations, it would seem. Temperature changes, moisture, and even lightning might play some role at some point, which serves as a reasonable explanation for genetic mutations at the moment.

This logic, then, helps to show nature may have stumbled upon sexuality (In secular, not biblical thinking, an important difference in Victorian England as today in the US with people like Lemar Smith in government).

I must turn to chance and chance alone within the now known mechanisms of the genetic code under the pressures of natural selection and unforeseens, meaning chance events within the organism's internal environment and without.

Otherwise, how do we find another (secular) explanation? The biblical explanation would seem to carry the very general and immense problems found in any first-cause argument. I'm sure Lemar Smith's biblical explanation has much to offer the world of biological science on these matters without my reliance on chance or necessity. He does run the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology the US science community, after all.0

Pascal's Wager August 30, 2016 Pascal's Wager and Christian Faith Not Enough For Earth's Climate Change

I did not invent Manichaeism and for over four decades I believed that this belief system originated with Zorastrianism, but the Wikipedia comments on Manichaeism changed my mind; it definitely does not start with Christianity, but we see it today well entrenched in Christian ideologies, which is too bad for future generations when it comes to nature.

History proved that the Genesis injunction to steward the Earth has not proved out well for other species. We learned this in school. As I understand the situation in California's wet lands as of this year, for example, the state's down to its remaining 5 percent, and that's with "Christians" at the helm of California's government. We don't learn this in school, except for this crime scene cleanup school.

I suppose I should say, "The future's down to its last remaining wetlands in this California demarcation by Europeans," which means we've lost a lot of irreplaceable habitat. We have no idea how many species or what value they may have had for the seventh generation to come. We destoryed their species-populations by environmental engineering on the American continent. Roughly "ninety-five percent of California's wetlands and 89 percent of its riparian woodlands are gone." The Amazon's next -- going, going, and going gone. Followers of the "word" were and are at the government and corporate helm as this termite-like destruction continues.

So even with the inerrancy of the King James Bible, Vulgate too, stewardship's not getting it; then there's this inconvenient problem with global warming.

But I error by blaming religion alone for this human configuration of the Earth. Asia plays a similar role and there's clearly no religious history at work in Japan and China's drive to outdo our deforestation of the planet, remaking it into a Cartesian design. With their Buddhist histories and Buddhism's nature-centeredness, it's greed, pure and simple, not religion, driving Asia's termite-like expansionism.

Manichaeist Approaches

I suppose that the Marxists would raise a howl with me as well over their dialectal materialism's apparent dualism, implicit in thesis, antithesis, synthesis, a metaphysical proposition overall, in my humble opinion (IMHO).

Yes, Manichiest approaches to thinking work very well in logic as applied to comparing and contrasting in "he said" and "she said" debates as on Fox news and in most courts in Britain and the US. It does not work at all in the Earth sciences, biology, or ecology let alone astronomy.

Many Christians involved with science understand exactly what I'm saying and they agree; however my words may not come across as quite clear and concise. The problem arises with fundamentalism within the Christian camp (not so unlike found in Islam), in part. For some reason people believe that the bible remains inerrant, meaning that it has zero flaws, something I'm not about to worry about. Christian fundamentalism took off like a rocket following Darwin and Wallace's separate illustrations of evolution by natural selection. We can chalk up this growth to threatened belief systems, and it continues today in the worse way.

Still, at least Christians don't cut people's heads off or cut women's hands off, although they did their fair share of witch hunting and women hanging early on. It does seem odd, though, that these same people move into the 21st century without giving a whole lot of consideration to what humanity actually knows now about our universe and our place in it. In short, the problem with believing in the inerrancy of the bible comes into question when we consider that the Pennsylvania Dutch (Mennonites?) and their like seem to at least try practicing what they preach; they work at keeping a tiny environmental footprint.

I have no knowledge if they've moved beyond using cubits for measuring in regards to literal applications of biblical injunctions -- stewardship. Do the fundamentalist "televangelist" evangelicals in their mega-churches preach about saving the Earth from mindless human growth for the unborn? I think not.

I can't help but question their practices and their reported belief in the inerrancy of the bible. Do they use cubits? So I don't see literal application of biblical injunctions in their fundamentalism. As a holy book the bible does not need, warrant, criticism beyond the scope of literature and theology; it exists beyond the rules of "errors" in any case. We take it for what it is, nothing more and nothing less. See Pascal below.

If Christian faith most likely rides on something like Pascal's wager. Then fundamentalist Christians should have no problem living in the modern world while keeping up on science issues; they would do better by not following one of their own, Lemar Smith, a government climate denier in the pay of the fossil fuel industry. That is, if they value their children's future. Smith brings the specter of the Taliban to our US Government by monkey-wrenching the scientific process.

Future generations need science, and yes, science "regulated" by government for the protection of species-population's habitat, not regulation to satisfy mindless expansion. There's more, but that's enough to get the idea across.

In the end, Christianity appeals to people because they have nothing to lose by following their faith. This bit of faith brought legions to the fold because Christianity has a democratic approach to matters of God and theology; whereas the pharaohs monopolized the Sun God and the Greek ruling classes kept their gods to themselves; the Christian God remains for anyone, even slaves, willing to wager on a deal that can't be lost. See George Herbert Mead's Movements of Thought in The 19th Century for Mead's idea on Christianity's democratization of the godhead.

My Los Angeles County blood cleanup page has information sort of related to this line of thought.

It benefits future generations when religion sticks to religion and lets science do science. Although we treat it so, the Earth does not belong to anyone religion and no one has any right to treat the Earth like a disposable commodity. (I can say this stuff because after 60 you get to say what you want.)


Glacier Melt

glacier melt

How Hard Climate Change Has Hit Greenland -

The Larson C Ice Shelf is going and there's no way to stop it. But it's what may follow this ice shelf. It holds mountains of ice in place behind it and adding fresh melt water to the ocean may thereby influence the global ocean conveyer belt; when it's gone the remaining ice could migrate to the ocean, thereby worsening an already bad situation. This is criminal and what follows must be known as crime scene cleanup.

The addition of fresh water to the ocean's surface may also reduce the water's salt content, resulting in warm water rising from below; then more ice melts. This turn of events is new to human history. We don't know what's coming, but scientists are figuring it out. We need to listen.

". . . . the influx of warm freshwater onto the sea surface could block the formation of sea ice, disrupting the sinking of cold, salty water. This sequence of events could slow or even stop the conveyor belt, which could result in potentially drastic temperature changes in Europe." National Ocean Service (NOA)

We're playing with the primal food chain's existence by altering ocean temperatures and salinity. Not all bottom dwelling critters may not adapt to abrupt changes in the ocean's thermal patterns. We need to alert Lermar Smith to this fact of nature.

How air pollution is causing the world’s ‘Third Pole’ to melt (Soot, black carbon, from burning fossil fuels deposited on glaciers increases their temperature; sun does not reflect, soot capture Sun's heat, thus heating ice below and around black carbon.)


Glacier Melt on Steroids -

A discussion about global warming would benefit by first visiting the issue of rapid glacier melt.

Glaciers always melt, but glaciers do not melt this fast without human caused global warming. So a discussion on global warming facts ought to begin with world-wide glaciers melting in the span of a couple human generations. Current rates of glacier melt are not "normal."

Something to consider from those beyond the IPCC: "There's a 10 year lag between carbon dioxide release and temperature increase. . . . Civilization is a heat engine. . . . We don't know do we, because we're not done yet" Dr. Guy McPherson 

Jim Hanson, Ice Melt, Sea Level Rise and Super storms Video Abstract

Lemar Smith (witch hunt) -


Issac Asimov - Climate Change 25 years ago

From Abrupt Climate Change to Climate Collapse * Guy McPherson Presentation CA 3 May 2016


Names to Note -

July 15, 2016

Bacon, Francis; Descarte;

Fourier, Joseph, 1824, 1827; John Tyndall, 1859; Svante Arrhenius, 1896; C.J. Fox,1909; A. Armstron, 1918; Chamberlain and Fowle, 1916; E.O. Hulburt, 1931; S.G. Callendar, 1937; Carl Sagan, 1972; Stephen Hawking, 1960; Khun, Thomas 1952; Roger Revelle, 1968; Asimove, 1968; Wally Broecker, 1975; Richard Faynman and "The Jasons," 1980

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Manichism - - Manichaeism -

Humanity temporarily pushed back nature's tooth-and-claw demands by creating our petro civilization, a soft and cushy place considering where we've been. Unfortunately, our consciousness of what we've actually done to this planet does not enter our plans for undoing what we left to chance. So I ask, "Why not?" A crime scene cleanup school theology will soon develop.

We learn from biology and ecology that nature will snap-back into a more natural existence in spite of us. The short of it: we press  nature into an either-or situation rather than  both both and; with nature it's who wins, period -- there's no room for losers. There's plenty of examples. This means that nature will find a natural existence with or without us; a "natural existence" means life patterns honoring the slings-and-arrows of chance and necessity.


My mother didn't know about biology or ecology let alone the role of chance and necessity in the ways of life, genetics, habitat, and environment. She remained too protective of me until her dying day. She gave me wisdom and expected little in return, and among her pieces of wisdom she posited this powerful directive: don't talk about politics or religion outside of the house. That's good advice to pass on I've found. Besides that, cultural colonialism sucks, but in the case of female castration I suppose. (It's hard to be a purest.)

I pretty well followed this directive for many years, but the nukes became too big an issue for me to keep my trap shut; hence this blog (I have others.). So I haven't followed that wisdom directly. And she didn't need to say anything about stealing and the like. We both had a tacit understanding, "It's beneath us."

Now here I open my mouth on the most obvious electorial political problem. Our electorial politics leads to ideologies centered on a Manichaeist logic. This logic we call a "dualism" between "good and evil," "light and dark," "left and right," and none of these become crystal clear during election time. Both democrats and republicans abuse our trust and buy media sources with infomation, nothing of educational value in many cases. Neither point out that nature's actually operating by chance and necessity, when you get down to it.

As a result the majority of our US population really has no idea of what our politicians actually do, who they really represent, or how we're destroying nature for future generations. We've been had by our Manichean logic.

The ruling elites use their Manichaeism logic because it's so simple. It happens too that they and we use this same logic to understand nature's patterns - - way too simple.

For a quick and inadequate image of this anthropocentric way of understanding nature, we might impose a linear diagram upon a multi-dimensional montage of nature's many species. It's really tough explaining how little we can understand about nature's complexities when we use Manichaeism. Would we use this type of thinking to understand blood, a complex fluid that actually serves as a tissue defending our very lives against illness and disease; I think not and we got away from the idea of "bad humors" generations ago.

Each generation continues this dualistic self-delusion. As a result we've created the greatest species extinction in a very long time. And still these species, known also as "natural resources" to the savvy, remain ignored by our ruling elites during each election cycle. It's like the attorneys (a title many of our congressional representatives earned long ago), focused on law while ignoring nature. Nature has no court.

Then this feeble dualism attempts to rule over nature very arrogantly while virtually blind to nature's complexities; when our consciousness catches up with our existence, we may begin to understand that nature's very complex to think about and probably more complex than we can think.

Politicians show little concern because they have sponsors to satisfy for political contributions, to win another election for climate deniers. They've become telemarketers and cronies as well, in part.

As it goes, the republicans and democrats get away with control over political discussions at the expense of our society and its present and future environment. For example, since at least President Johnson's presidency, we have known about global warming, but you would not know that our politicians were aware of this fact. So it goes.


Comments on Trump

May 27, 2016

Trump - July 28, 2016

Trumps Treason Trump's Treason

Trump Encourages Russians to Interfere in our Elections

I've already pointed out why I believe that the Republican Party has committed treason through its presidential combatants. Now here's an interview telling why Trump is nothing less than a Traitor, at least in terms of those American values we held so dearly 65 years ago.


A useful fool until he won. Until then, he helped to expose the hypocrisy, greed, and lies of the ruling elites in his party.


  • a man-baby
  • emotionally, psychologically immature, not unlike an impulsive, obnoxious, 13 year-old juvenile delinquent.
  • pathological liar
  • profoundly ignorant of climate change science, science, international issues
  • poor intellectual development

Most obviously he's displayed an emotional and psychological immaturity matching that of a 13 year-old juvenile delinquent, spoiled rotten at that.

Now he's deadly dangerous and his pathology grows while he finds a following inclined to follow pathological liars. Put another way, his "following" found him, a fellow traveler, billionaire oligarch with poor socialization skills, unafraid to make a fool of himself.


"No California drought." I've seen it with my own eyes as far North as I've traveled in the last two years, Shasta, California. See Trump claims there's no drought" in California and then check

"No California drought" hardly comes close to his science ignorance and denial of climate change. Scary.

Profoundly ignorant

 Trump's an extremely dangerous person and his followers share his ignorance. They are not well informed people and probably have a history of relying on Fox and other commercial outlets for information.

I suspect many of his followers feel threatened by critical thinking and science.

Followers' Politics

Trump's followers make superficial judgements about public personalities. They base their ideas on meaningless characteristics like wealth, physical features, family connections, and so forth.


Democrats and republicans belong to the same master - - Mammon. They will have their way. It's inevitable because our presidential candidates will seek out the safest route to satisfying the oligarchs and corporations.

The next president will play at environmental issues, stall, seek out the least affective means of returning Earth's CO2 content to pre-industrial levels. Expect a big push by cement heads for nukes. See Eishenower for more on the future. eisenhower military-industrial complex audion buttons short version military industrial complex short version audio buttons)

The corporate media will continue their control of our public airwaves, promoting our march to worldwide genocide. Trump's followers and their like will continue to follow bread and circuses, false promises, corporate propaganda.

In short, though, we need only to hear about
"Trump University" to understand why this crime scene cleanup school has such an important place on the Internet. Like Trump, so-called crime scene cleanup schools "offer" crime scene cleanup certificates while all the while cheating students. The people pay hard money to attend these crime scene cleanup schools and get nothing but a piece of paper.

So we see the similarities between Trump University and crime scene cleanup schools. Although, the Trump school costs more. It doesn't matter when you spend your last dollar on a crime scene cleanup school in hopes of gaining employment at great pay, as crime scene cleanup schools advertise. Someone needs to pay these student's bills and they need their money.

The Language of "They." August 16, 2016

Giuliani, backing Trump, appears to briefly forget 9/11

Giuliani apparently forgot that George Bush lead our nation on 9/11. He's an older guy and probably got into a hurry. So his forgetfulness doesn't need criticism. What does need criticism is his use of language to incriminate entire nations. Here's the offending terms:

"Remember: We didn't start this war; they did. We don't want this war; they do. And they didn't start it even in 2001. They attacked the World Trade Center in 1993."

Who does he mean by " they," the tiny babies blown to bits as they sleep innocently minding their own business. When a bar maid, taxi driver, or plumber says "they," we infer the speaker paints with a wide brush, speaks too inclusively. There's no harm done, generally since we don't expect people off the street to speak with precise language. But when a known politicians, a "moderate Republican," speaks too glibly, people wonder. "They" did what to us? Who are these "they"?

I recall my first encounter with this type of generalization. In elementary school some of the kids persecuted David XYZ because he was a "Jew," and didn't we know that the "Jews" killed Jesus? The persecution ended after a few days, once parents got wind of our playground witch hunters.

My point, loose language ends up victimizing entire populations, and that's not right and it's dangerous. Politicians should know better, and if they don't, they need to get some self-education if not a tutor. Besides, loose generalizations lead to bigotry and racism. Shame on Giuliani.



Isaac Asimov, Visions For The Future (1992)

Ian Masters on New Mexico Nuke Accident


Blood, death, and deathful deeds are in that noise, Ruin, destruction at the utmost point. Milton, John. The Poetical Works of John Milton (p. 543). . Kindle Edition.

by him first Men also, and by his suggestion taught, Ransack'd the Center, and with impious hands Rifl'd the bowels of thir mother Earth For Treasures better hid. John Milton, Paradise Lost

by him first Men also, and by his suggestion taught, Ransack'd the Center, and with impious hands Rifl'd the bowels of thir mother Earth For Treasures better hid. John Milton, Paradise Lost

O miserable Mankind, to what fall Degraded, to what wretched state reserv'd?   Better end heer unborn. Why is life giv'n   To be thus  Dire was the tossing, deep the groans, despair

Milton, John. Paradise Lost - Classic Illustrated Edition (Kindle Location 3607). Heritage Illustrated Publishing. Kindle Edition.

But your happiness? Let us weigh the gain and the loss in wagering that God is. Let us estimate these two chances. If you gain, you gain all; if you lose, you lose nothing.

Pascal, Blaise. Works of Blaise Pascal (Kindle Locations 2600-2601). The Perfect Library. Kindle Edition.

I'm flattered that anyone even came to my blog page let alone follow any of it. It is after all a relief valve, a place to blow off steam. It's amazing what a crime scene cleanup blog can do for one's mind. Blogging remains a safe and sane way to remain sain; other wise how can one remain rational in an otherwise irrational world? I'm flattered over all anyway. I'll probably get shot for preaching the gospel of the open society; others have died for much less. Witch humts come cheap.

Earth as mega-machine - -

Introduction to Water in California - - Extinction is Forever, page 135, David Carle, University of Callifornia Press

By far the Bush name conjurs up the need for political crime scene cleanup.