I once read a crime scene cleanup blog by crime scene cleanup practitioner. He also represented himself as a new blogger. He did not need to say that he was new to crime scene cleanup blogging because I could tell. He wrote two sentences, and that was the end of his blogging career. He wrote, "Hello, Mr. and Mrs. America. I do crime scene cleanup! So what happened to this well-intentioned crimes and cleaners blog? Most likely had little experience writing. I figure that he may have succeeded graduated from high school and then ended his writing career. Later in life, he made his way to the crime scene cleanup filled. On his way, he spends little time practicing his writing, and when he needed his writing skills the most, they failed him. What he needed to do, he was unable to do, practice writing.

Approaches to writing usually involve a consistent effort to write daily. Then, the crime scene cleanup practitioner must pay close attention to one's writing work. To succeed in writing, the writer must learn to edit their work carefully. Hard work gets done when the crime scene cleaner works hard at writing, not before. Hard work begins with editing, not placing words on pages. Understand, editing reigns as the King of communicating in print. Now, after leaving high school, the writer has little help, and it comes to editing. There is no English teacher to offer guidance. No one will mark mistakes in red. Dangling modifiers will continue to dangle until the crime scene cleaner discovers the open air in their logic displayed by those dangling modifiers. So, here crime scene cleanup school, we recommend that the crimes in cleaner practice writing by writing and learning to edit.

Dozens of editing books for improving writing skills remain available on Amazon and eBay. We have no excuse for ignoring the many excellent books on writing style and usage. There's more than one place for the crime scene cleaner to find help online, too. Had that crime scene cleaner continued with his blogging efforts, he may have gotten somewhere by now. We can only hope that he has continued to practice so that he too can enjoy the comfort and utility of maintaining a helpful blog


Here's a word to the wise: anytime the mind fails to come up with a bunch of words to break writer's block, begin writing about blood cleanup. Blood cleanup offers choice adjectives to inflict upon the reader's senses. Words like "stink," "putrified," and so forth should get the writing effort going.


February 2020

Notice how this crime scene cleanup blog differs from the others? Right, it's about real issues for real people on a damaged planet. No happy or sad faces litter these web pages; a blog should reflect its writer's biographical history, prospects, and thoughts. I have few delighted faces in my life; those that I believed were truly "happy" turned out to belong to unhinged non sequitur s..
So this blog reflects what concerns me the most, not making people happy. Informed, yes, happy, no, people need pertinent information to control their own lives. Corruption in government, businesses (of course) come with the territory. Combine government and business interests, and we find ourselves with a huge environment, education, and problems for future generations.
Imagine biohazard cleanup without county government cronyism. The free enterprise turned loose in biohazard cleanup promises crashing blood cleanup prices. Homicide, suicide, unattended deaths, decomposition, even trauma cleanup become "affordable." Families no longer suffer price gouging, at least not as a matter course.
Environmental issues left for future generations mean leaving death to future generations; they will not know life as we have known life. Civilization will end as we know it. Look to the Republican Party for the most conspicuous climate deniers and climate deception. They have company among the Democratic Party population as well.

This crime scene cleanup blog looks to local government employees' control over the crime scene cleanup industry. Their privileged contacts with grieving families following homicides, suicides, and unattended deaths gives them first contact. Finding a crime scene cleanup company without some sort of government ties became nearly impossible after 2005. Before this time, several companies remained independent because of their previously existing businesses. Those without additional sources of income ceased to exist in most cases. How do I know? I know because I owned a biohazard cleanup advertising business. I watched meaningful telephone calls for biohazard cleanup services plummet nationwide.
This blog seeks to clarify biohazard cleanup issues found on the Internet and addresses corruption in biohazard cleanup. It exists. After all, I own additional businesses, because I refuse to allow government crooks to profit from biohazard cleanup without at least one opposing voice. Eddie Evans, biohazard cleanup.
October 25 2011,


I added crime scene cleanup training to crime scene cleanup pages today. I felt a duty to help protect the 99 percent from itself. Those guys trying to sell biohazard cleanup training to the naive have no moral conscience. They are despicable people, in other words. Biohazard cleanup may be useful for some, but not most. I also added crime scene cleanup tools for those interested in what crime scene cleaners use for their work.
Many types of tools prove useful in the crime scene cleanup field. Many tools come from the cleaning industry, many from demolition, and many come from self-made tools — everything from hammers, saws, and pliers to forceps.
How can we claim biohazard cleanup as a legitimate occupation when county governments control most crime scene cleanup companies?
October 24 20011
Time continues its march to nowhere. I learned from a Nova program on "How the Universe Works." This title reminded me of my "How Crime Scene Cleanup Works." Both seem to have one fact in common. They both have a beginning, middle, and ending. I can remember when black holes were science fiction stories; now they're a proven fact of our universe. Like a big vacuum, they suck in anything close enough to fall under the power of their gravity. Gravity seems to be the one unifying force out there second to none.
Explaining our expanding universe seems easy enough today, too. Telescopes point out that the galaxies seem to be moving away from one another in all directions possible. There's dark energy pushing our galaxies in paths that they'll continue in for all time, at least until the end. Dark energy came into existence during the Big Bang. Within a split second, most of what exists, in terms of matter, came into being. Dark energy resides as a force we've long considered, but could not prove. Now we can see by telescopes and planetary paths.
Eventually, stars will stop their work and end. They will continue burning for billions of years. Finally, in a trillion years, all the stars will burn out. The universe will become dark. We will no longer exist — end of story.

October 20, 2011
American politics favors the wealthy, the very wealthy. It's no surprise, either. Both presidents Reagan and Bush gave the very wealthy monumental tax breaks. In return, these owners of concentrated wealth gained concentrated political power. They may be, but why does it matter? The real issue is the protection of concentrated wealth, which he shows has been accomplished very effectively by methods of certain legalities, such as the steady reduction of the top tax bracket in recent decades. The Reagan and Bush tax cuts cost the treasury more than any trick that sophisticated lawyers could devise. Winters offers a valuable perspective on how inequality persists, but he can't explain the particular cruelties of modern American politics.
October 15, 2011
Time passes so fast it's hard to keep up with the hours, let alone the calendar. Traveling from one crime scene cleanup to another raises this very real issue, how does one stop Orange County's coroner employees from getting kickbacks for referrals. The recent Seal Beach homicides paid someone in the thousands, someone sworn to the county not to engage in a conflict of interest. Does this mean our country now heads for nationwide cronyism?
I see no way around it. The coroners' departments across the United States have their agendas in terms of cronyism. By county, they each command concentrated wealth. Each county offers varying amounts of wealth for controlling crime scene cleanup companies. Given any single Saturday in Orange County, California, four or more people die at home or in a business place; each of these leaves death's residues. These residues often call for professional cleaning. In response, coroner's employees send families to a crime scene cleanup company engaged in cronyism.
When we combine the aggregated wealth and power of all crony coroner and county administration departments, we find an impressive amount of power and wealth.
In effect, guys like me cannot hold the line without looking to add-on businesses, spouses, and good luck.
The disparity of wealth held by one biohazard cleanup company over another leads to an oligarchy. A crime scene cleanup oligarchy creates the power to direct county employees' referrals. Guys like me don't have a chance. Guys like me hold on to their business by other means than doing biohazard cleanup. In the case of the Seal Beach crime scene cleanup, oligarchs received special handling. in the area of power to outbid other crime scene cleanup companies for coroner employee referrals.
September 10, 2011
Tomorrow's September 11, which brings us to the tenth anniversary of that terrorist strike against the Twin Towers. If anyone still wonders why the Twin Towers terrorist attack took place, then it led me to share my humble insights.
Religious fundamentalism may have played some part in this horrific crime. Saudi Arabia most likely grew the terrorist's ideology. Benny Ladin's wealth came by way of construction for oil thieves. So he had a way of financing attacks against enemies of his god. Most likely Saudi princes played a role, too.
Now, What has not changed since September 11, 2001, and tomorrow remains the same religious fundamentalism, which I will take up on my crime scene cleanup blog, this date.
September 8, 2011
Americans suffer as heat, fire, hurricanes pound away at our fragile infrastructure. Building, obsesses, businesses, and hospitals take a pounding. Crime scene cleanup business picks up across this great nation as baby boomers keel-over from heat and old age. It's decomposition cleanup time, not for me, not for you, but county and city civil servants ripping off this great American system. How low can they go? It's hard to say. We do know they've gone lower than most people can think.
We do know that given an incentive, they will go further. Grave robbing, body snatching, how many after death scams do they pull off? Do they sell bodies to laboratories for dissection? Some, probably.
Then we've got this weirdo species of so-called "crime scene cleanup schools," which continue to rip off hurting Americans. Daily they call for a job, and daily I must tell them the truth. Your local government has a monopoly over crime scene cleanup. Do not expect to find a crime scene cleanup job.
I'll do something with my crime scene cleanup schools directory soon to help save some hurting Americans from these flimflam crooks.
I see the republican puppets haven't made up their minds about global warming. How sad.

September 7, 2011
Texas - Day of Fire
Do we have weather anomalies?
Why does our president seem to ignore weather events that cash out our federal treasury as the season's pass?
Texas burns as I write and Texas Governor Rick Perry wants to be president as president he'll cut all funding for climate change research. Texas has its worst drought as far as getting as bad as it can get. Today's drought has become hotter than the 19th century.
Austin's had 20,000 wildfires. At least 700 homes have burned in the last few days. Texas politicians want to cut the science and deny it, but they're quick to ask for government assistance.
The whole state of Texas is under a weather disaster.
Over five billion in damage, destruction the size of Connecticut, Texas has experienced 57 wildfires in the last week (today, seven September 2011).
What occurs today could be connected to global warming, but I'm not going to say so. I say it's time to get serious with paying attention to climate science. The natural variability of the system, cool weather from time-to-time, cause the nay-sayers to poo-poo global climate change as a human-caused event.
Of course, the oil industry wants to hear none of it. Just deny science.
A Texas crime scene cleanup activity would tackle this crazy carbon state and release it once, and only once, it adopted a green technology mentality. Renewable in place of more greenhouse gases makes a lot more sense.

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